ABOUT Dr. Amanda


Kia Ora! I'm Amanda Roe and I am a gigantic nerd when it comes to the human body & how it works. 


The question I get the most (after I open my mouth and start talking) is: How did you choose to move to Gisborne?

The short answer is that my husband was born and raised here in Gisborne.  The long answer is, the scales finally tipped in the direction of New Zealand being the next right thing for my husband, my kids, and I.  We genuinely love the community, the amazing access to nature and the extended family we've gotten to know in our last year here.  It's been a big transition, but Gisborne is a special place, and we feel utterly grateful to wake up here each morning!

I grew up in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in America and completed my undergraduate studies at James Madison University (Grad. 2000 Pre-Med, Biology and Research).  I then moved out west to Oregon to attend the oldest accredited Medical school for Naturopathic Studies, National University of Natural Medicine.

I completed my doctorate in medicine along with my certificate in midwifery while at NUNM (Grad. 2006).  It took quite a while, and I did a year of  travel overseas before committing to my career.  Once I started, I found that my passion for learning and for helping patients take the driver's seat in their own health exploded. 


The way I practice doesn't always fit the standard paradigm of medical care.  I'm a big-picture thinker.  I've been trained to see patterns in health vs disease.  I know what symptoms are connected to each other and how the choices we make every single day affect those symptoms.  I get to the root of the issue and work up from there. 


People get better and understand what's going on in their bodies much better when they take a step outside the box. When people invest wholeheartedly in their health, the benefits improve quality of life across the board. 


My training has given me a keen eye for looking down the road of health.  Patterns emerge as we go through life, and we can influence those patterns for better.....or worse.  Together, we can come up with a plan that keeps you as healthy as possible, for as long as possible. 

Trail adventures are my jam! (Wy'east in Oregon)                          My family/whānau: Mike, Iris, Harry and I
We are prolific organic gardeners!
My kids on support crew for the Tillamook Burn 50Km in Oregon